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I'm so happy, that youre not out of my life. [entries|friends|calendar]
Lust 4 Life

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Summer is here [The 6th of June, 2006]
[ mood | confused ]

my 3 week break for summer is coming up, Im flying down to el paso from LA, and going to Corpus Christi

Schools alright, Im taking a cool Magic and Ritual Class, I cant wait for that

Im single again, broke up with my other GF, my birthday was last weekend so Im now 20

one more year and the legal brew will be mine!

and 666 is coming up, I think 777 next year will be funner

Love ya all

have a fantastic 666, stay indoors!

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[The 22nd of October, 2005]
[ mood | tipsy ]

Im drinking tonight, stealing Gin from my roomates, just a few shots, I want to see how working at the gym while tipsy feels.

cause life's not beautiful without the pain

if it takes shit to make bliss, well I feel pretty blissfully.


I watched Doom, it is a very good movie, I really liked it, it was fun, it kept to the story very well and I liked it alot, even though the Rock, and the other guy (From the bourne supremecy), they both cant act xD but I liked it none the less, it was violent and fun, just like doom should be!

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[The 20th of October, 2005]
I am moving my account back to my old LJ name, Living_Frenzy

please, feel free to add me, if you want to stay friends. I would love that, when I go back to it, I'll add all of you
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llook @ me post about what I see in chat, lol!!!!!! [The 26th of September, 2005]
intercooler: in WoW?
eyefiel down: everyone has AIDS!
eyefiel down: don't make me dance, 'cause I will.
Arkaviunshadow: WoW sucks
Assassins Duty: Do it.
eyefiel down: no shit.
Arkaviunshadow: Guild wars<3
Arkaviunshadow: xD
eyefiel down: 105. Gotan Project - Tríptico (8:26)
eyefiel down: MMORPG
Assassins Duty: Guild Wars sucks.
Assassins Duty: Ultima Online<3
eyefiel down: stuf.
intercooler: Ultima Online sucks
Assassins Duty: ....
Assassins Duty: Boot inter.
intercooler: lol
intercooler: BIAS!!!!!!
Arkaviunshadow: o.o
eyefiel down: x-O
eyefiel down: jesusgod.
Arkaviunshadow: MORTAL
Assassins Duty: Legends of Kesmai<3
Assassins Duty: Welcome back Edo.
Kyouryoku Edo: Back.
Kyouryoku Edo: Thanks, yo.
Arkaviunshadow: I know the best MMORPG, its called go outside and get laid and get drunk
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[The 22nd of September, 2005]
Well, I had some delicous Mexican food with my two hombres, Justin and Ramon, i realized its a battle between me and my friends, first we were argueing about baby wieght, I wieghed 9 pnds 12 ounces when I was born, Justin wieghed 4 pounds, and he said "Well, the people who are born smaller, have bigger brains", I laughed and pointed down at my crotch "Well you know what they say about us heavier babies, we got something bigger than the smaller babies" lol xD

Anyway, I got a george foreman grill as a gift, to when Im moving to Santa Monica, its a lean mean grilling machine!
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