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I'm so happy, that youre not out of my life.

cause youre the only thing, that keeps me going everyday..

Lust 4 Life
3 June
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Hello, My name is Michael-Sean, Im irish, so kiss meh.

Im in this world for lots of reasons, I want to make others happy, I want to help others, like a missionary. I want to become a talented artist and earn my bachelors in Game Art and Design. I have sort of a dark brown hair, blueish green eyes and I love drawing. I am currently single (Sadly). I also love to read and write as well as go outside, to something fun and healthy outside.

I'm a very shy person in public, but online Im an outgoing guy, I can be a very gentle, good hearted person, but if you get on my nerves (and I mean, you really have to do something bad) I will be the villian...

:) so play nice now

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